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Deconstruct to reconstruct.



Welcome to Charleston Tinyhouse. My Name is Zach. I am building a large, custom tinyhouse, aptly called “The Golden Elephant”. At 324 square feet, it sits on the border of tinyhouse and something else. When I started the project I had never built anything before but I resolved to build to the best of my ability. Before each step of construction I contemplate, research, and contemplate more before executing using quality materials and proven methods. This approach makes for a very slow build process but has resulted in the best product I can create.

The design inspiration behind The Golden Elephant is unusual. Landing somewhere between artist and engineer, I desire a home that reflects the deeper parts of myself. Thoughtful placement and minimal accents make for a visually uncluttered and inviting space. Drawing on the quality materials of the Arts & Crafts movement, the simple design of Japanese architecture, and the sacred ambience of psychedelic and religious influences, the house is a creature all of its own. I am set on the overall layout for the house but I work on it more as a piece of artwork and so the detailwork manifests itself as the house comes along. I am very lucky to have the help of amazing sponsors along the way who have been integral in making the house a reality.

Currently, the exterior of the Golden Elephant is complete, as well as all the necessary utility systems. I am gearing up for the interior design and finishing and will be sharing its progress here as it comes along. Each piece and part of the house is selected for its quality, character and fit. Anything that cannot be found is custom fabricated with help from CCR Engineering. They offer custom fabrication services for those impossible-to-find tinyhouse pieces and parts. CCR Engineering has over 40 years of experience in that sort of thing and knows how to make it not only right, but beautiful.

You can follow the birth of the elephant here on the website and on my instagram feed. Here, I explore and discuss the build process and try to share the things I have learned so far. In my instagram feed, you will see more build pictures and some of my personal happenings. Click the Widget on the right to subscribe to blog updates so you can see my progress as it comes along. I am always available through email and the comments section here on the site.

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  1. As I read this, I thought, “What an awesome gift idea for my two oldest sons!” Eventually, but first, me! I have been researching how to make the best of small spaces, and all of sudden, a world of, so many intriguing designs for this this or that, you name it, people are full of such ingenious ideas, and you are proof of that. I hope to meet you and others just like you, at the Tiny House Conference, this April. Sincerely, Gina Molina.

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