Charleston Tiny House

Deconstruct to reconstruct.

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Images of the building process and the life surrounding it.


  1. We have repaired many homes with house wrap problems. The product you have used is to provide a drainage plain. Take a look at how you have rolled the wrap into the window openings. If water is following this drainage plain, have you just turned it into the house?

    • Hey jeff,
      thanks for the heads up. I am planning on using dupont straight flash over the flex wrap once the windows are in. I will be shingling it over just like normal over the drain wrap. This should direct it back over and down the drainwrap. See any flaws in my logic?

  2. I had not seen the product you have chosen, but understand the purpose it is intended.
    We have a process called rain screen, ( used for horiz. siding, cedar breather would do the same for shakes ) with felt paper against the plywood and 3/4 x 1 1/2″ vertical strips ( on full size houses ) that provide the drainage plain.
    Turn the water out at every opportunity.

    • Jeff,
      Thanks for your helpful comment. You have given me more insight on how to flash the house. Its been a learing process at every turn. Please feel free to give any tips you may find helpful. They will be valued.

  3. Hi,
    I’ve been following the tiny house movement for a couple of years now and have recently decided to take steps toward building my own. I currently live in Savannah and would love the chance to come up to see your home. Any chance that could be worked out?

  4. Hi Zach. I have been following the tiny house movement for a while, but am new to your website. One question I always like to ask, because I lack the friend with a great backyard space for my would-be tiny home in a city I want to live in, is: How did you find a space to keep the tiny home in? Did you purchase land with the tiny home in mind? Or did you rent space? That’s an early speedbump I’m hitting in the planning process.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thank you

    • Hey vince,
      Sorry for the delayed reply, I have been very lucky in my tinyhouse journey. The right people have come into the story to make the whole thing possible. But I met those people by being very chatty about my project. I was lucky to be introduced to a person who had the right place for my house and we worked out a rent arrangement. I found it was of great help to just start asking around. I have picked up a few sponsors in the same way, just talking about my project and what I would like to do. I would just say start asking and seeing where it gets you, the worst you’ll get is a “no”. Best of luck!

  5. Hey Zach,

    Thanks for all the wonderful info, looking forward to seeing your completed house! I am down in New Zealand and looking at building my own tiny house. I am currently in the planning and design stage and the question I keep asking myself on everything is weight. Do you have an estimate for how much yours will weigh when it is complete? Is this an issue you are dealign with? In NZ the limit for this type of trailer is 3,500kg all up, trailer and house included. Seems possible…

    Thanks, Si

    • Si,
      I am not sure how much my house will weigh when its complete. The trailer I had built has 2 x 7,000lb axles. If you subtract the weight of the trailer frame (3,200lbs) that leaves about 11,000lbs for the house. I framed the house with some heavy duty studs and used thicker siding, so I will have to watch the weight when it comes to the interior. I think it could be possible to build a house on a trailer thats under 3,500kg. Just dont forget to subtract the weight of the trailer frame for a real idea of what the trailer is rated for. Best of luck on your build!

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