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Premade power and plumbing packages



Just out of curiosity, how many of you are paying someone else to do your plumbing and/or electricity ? I am thinking about the possibility of making these plumbing and power units for other tinyhousers if there was any interest. So what do you think?


  1. I’d like to think I would do my own, but would probably give up and fly my Dad out to do it for me.
    Your power/plumbing unit looks great. I would buy one from you.

  2. Not sure yet….it would be cool if you briefly explained what’s going on here as I’m still learning. :)

    • Kim,
      The goal of these power and plumbing units is to allow someone whos never done electrical or plumbing work to install these systems themselves. Each unit has all the the essential functions built into it. In the plumbing unit, a pressure system assures that you will have proper water pressure even if connected to a garden hose as a source of water. The other function of the system is to filter the incoming water to make it more pleasant to drink. When I thought about what I needed in a plumbing system, I wanted it to be easy to install and maintain. Having everything in one place, easily accessible and understandably laid out was the goal of making this little package. Just trying to share the tinyhouse love. Thanks for your feedback!

  3. These look amazing!
    I would love to pick this up for my house. I would still want to know, or understand, how they work. But, to have it pre-packaged together for a quick hook up would be excellent.
    Just understanding the value of your system to home owners, so that they understand the cost involved in it seems like the tough part. Plus I would wonder if most owners would have the knowledge to finish up the plumbing install even if they picked up your panels? Those are my thoughts on it. If you were able to clarify those, I think it could be excellent.

    • Al,
      I designed the systems coming from not knowing anything but what I wanted to acomplish in the end. Power and water distribution. I have been working with a local prototype engineer here in Charleston on building these systems for the house. What I wanted out of them was something easy to install and to service. The two panels are easy to understand and troubleshoot after a quick introduction. For the plumbing unit, it is very easy to install, just mount the main unit next to the water inlet for the house and connect the line. The output of the system has PEX connectors and allows for easy hookup to the rest of the house. As for the power unit, its a bit more complicated than it needs to be and the final version could certainly be simplified. I see these as an option for someone who has never built anything to install these essential systems in their house without having to pay someone else for their labor. Id love to hear more of your thoughts on it. Thanks for your feedback!

  4. That’s an ingenious solution. Something worthy of a Kickstarter or Indiegogo campaign. Awesome show! Great job!

  5. I would buy both systems!

  6. Phenomenal work! I am so impressed. I’ve been designing my own Tiny house for about a year now and saving the funds to atleast get the first phase of building done. This system looks like just what I need. Budget wise, I’m a do-it-myselfer on almost all levels…but if there was some way to learn how to make this…or hell, maybe I could afford it. I just don’t know what you’re asking. But I guess we’ll get to that when the time comes. Thank you SO much for sharing your work and knowledge. It’s very inspiring. I plan to do the same when I’m building.

  7. I plan to do my own power and plumbing, but….if there was a simple system available, I would certainly check it out.

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