Charleston Tiny House

Deconstruct to reconstruct.

New addition to the house.

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Built a new awning for the house last week.  It will provide a nice place out of the sun to fabricate the interior parts and pieces of the house. I’m sure I’ll do something similar once everything is done. Id really like to have a nice outdoor sitting area once it’s all said and done.

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  1. It looks nice, part of it would make a great Florida room, when your done with the inside stuff. you can pick up used sliding glass doors for free and they are double pained for wonderful winters, and would save on heating bills, just install a fan to pull the warm air through your cabin. you could add screen for the summer for an out side den! Im finishing up my 420sq`.bunkhouse style cabin. installing board & batt vinyl siding this week, then all i have left is the trim, and the walk in shower. If you have any ideas or pics of showers, I could use the ideas. It has really been fun doing this cabin, but after awhile it gets into your pocket! ya`ll have a nice day, and look forward to hearing from ya`ll! we have a greenhouse and im planning to install a small window fan blowing out of one of the cabins windows to pull the heat through the cabin. it really gets hot in the greenhouse, a real gas saver im thinking!

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