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Deconstruct to reconstruct.

Another little house in the woods and a bit of the scene.


IMG_9811Hello again fellow tiny housers! Spring is almost over and things have been busy here. I have mentioned the other tinyhouse here a few times and I thought I would take a moment to share it. There are also a few other things of interest out here. IMG_9810The house, lovingly called “The Hobo House”, is about 500 square feet. My friend Bill Kahler has been building the house in his spare time over the last few years. It’s not quite complete but it’s a great part time retreat from downtown Charleston.IMG_9816It’s a two story deal and its made from about 40% reclaimed materials. Bill is an inventor and machinist, so theres lots of custom bits and thoughtful details everywhere.IMG_9813Our friend Wolfgang built this sweet cobb oven a while back that provides a great gathering point and makes wonderful bread.IMG_9815As always , there are some projects that need attention. Although it might be a bit late for this green house.IMG_9817One of the projects that has gotten a bit of my attention this spring has been a new outdoor shower. Its a great quality of life upgrade on hot days after working on the other tiny house.IMG_9819Its made with reclaimed cedar from a house in downtown Charleston. Thanks again to the Sustainable Warehouse.IMG_9821The downstairs of the house still has a bit to go. The main kitchen and another bathroom are both down here. We have all the parts and pieces, just have to get around to getting it in.IMG_9823Here you can see the unfinished half  bathroom and shower.IMG_9832The shower is in and is lovely.IMG_9837Dual shower heads are a must.IMG_9820The metal stair frame was reclaimed from a warehouse slated for demolition. The space under the stairs houses the laundry facilities.IMG_9893Upstairs is mostly finished. Here is the loft and the bathroom. Its a bit hard to get good pictures in such a small space.

The loft upstairs turned out a bit small and is being used for storage until we can find a very low profile mattress.

IMG_9898The bathroom has a poured concrete slab counter and reclaimed fixtures.IMG_9900

And a nice low flow Japanse toilet.

IMG_9799 Out on the porch, a nice little kitchen serves well for making lunch and small meals. Also getting a chance to try out the marine stove before it goes into the tinyhouse.

IMG_9801 And theres a great view from up here..

IMG_9807Sleeping area.


The living area has great light and peaceful views.  Right now the Hobo house serves as a quiet retreat from the pace of downtown Charleston on the weekends and as a resting place on the evenings I work on The Golden elephant.

A few other happenings around the island.

IMG_9860I’ve fallen behind in doing the insulation in the tiny house and some feathered friends have moved in and started a family. Good thing theres still lots of work to be done before I’m ready for insulation, couldn’t imagine kicking these little guys out.


On a more productive note, the power system is all patched in and only needs a bit more work before it gets turned on.


Bill and I have been working out how we are going to store the propane and batteries for the house . Here we have the whole thing mocked up in Solidworks. We are also considering mounting the air conditioner and instant hot water heater outside in this custom tongue box. More info as it arrises.

Well, I know this was an atypical post, but I’m enjoying my time in the Hobo house so much I just have to share it. I hope that it helps those of you who are looking to build your own reasonable place.  I should be following up in the next while with the second half of the “Power!” post. I am going to go over switches and outlets and hopefully I’ll be turning some lights on soon.

Till then; Be well


  1. I am so excited for you! I love your Golden Elephant! I follow just about all of the posts for tiny houses, but yours is one of the best! Thank you!

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  3. You have really done a great job. I love the design of the house. The covered outside stairs in my opinion are a must! Not sure about the sleeping area. It wouldn’t be big enough for my husband and me, He’s a big guy. Other than that I love it all an could see myself living here. Hope you get the rest of it done soon. And don’t forget to post the complete house.

    • Lola,
      The sleeping area certainly needs to be sorted out. There is a loft on top of the bathroom, but its a bit cramped. We are putting in the kitchen this week, Ill be sure to post photos when the work is complete.Cheers,

  4. Great job! Waiting for more

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