Charleston Tiny House

Deconstruct to reconstruct.


  1. Is the porch a fold down one?

    • Its removable but it doesn’t fold down. I have been toying with the idea of making a large one that does fold down. It would fit right up under the cantilever of the house. It’s currently flagged as a “eventually” project

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  3. Can you post some more pics of the porch at different angles please? Its hard to see what its supported by. Looks great though! Thanks

    • James,
      As soon as I finish the porch up, I will do a little write up on it. Its hard to see from that angle, but its supported by a frame made from angle iron. The porch is removable and slots into 2 hitch receivers mounted under the trailer. There are some more supports built into the frame of the porch that give it some more rigidity. I have been thinking about building a larger folding one at some point in the future.

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